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I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. But I have an interest in Computer Science. I Learn several programming language and build 100s of project. In my pastime I use to solve programming related problem in different problem solving website like Hacker Rank, URI Online and so on. In my final year thesis, I developed a machine learning based project and submit report in the University and write a paper about it and it is in process of submitting in a conference. I can develop Website, Android Application, IOS Application using flutter and so on. In my pastime I used to make tutorial on youtube on programming related topic. I also have experience in robotics and IOT devices.

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My Experience

1 Years 2013
Core Computer Science

In this year i learn the basic of computer science and learn how to code. I start learning basics of c and c++ programming language. I recode some of the application in internet based on c and c++ and understand how they work.

1 Years 2014
Web Development

This time I start learning how the web work and take several course from different website and learn how to develop static website. I also learn several css framework to make responsieve web development.

2 Years 2016
Dynamic Web Development

In Dynamic website building i start building website using wordpress and joomla. I got interest in wordpress and wan't to learn how to develop themes and plugin. Then I start learning php and sql database. I finally able to develop some wordpress themes and plugin. Some of the plugin are available in wordpress official website.

1 Years 2017
Android Development

I start learning java and android development and manage to publish more than 18 application so far in appbajar which is as like as google play store but can create developer account free.

1 Years 2018
Machine Learning

For research interest i start learning machine learning. For this i had to learn python and several machine learning library including sklearn , tensorflow.

<1 Years 2019
Flutter / Dart

As Flutter can develop ios and android application from one code base so i thik its going to become the next revulation in application building so i start learning it and still learning ....

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