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I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. But I have an interest in Computer Science. I Learn several programming language and build 100s of project. In my pastime I use to solve programming related problem in different problem solving website like Hacker Rank, URI Online and so on. In my final year thesis, I developed a machine learning based project and submit report in the University and write a paper about it and it is in process of submitting in a conference. I can develop Website, Android Application, IOS Application using flutter and so on. In my pastime I used to make tutorial on youtube on programming related topic. I also have experience in robotics and IOT devices.

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Android Development (Java / Kotlin)

iOS Development (Swift)

Web Development (ASP .net, PHP)

Machine Learning (Python)

Flutter / Dart

My Experience

2022-Now 2022
One Bank Limited

Officer at MFS IT. Develop and maintain OkWallet android and iOS app.

1 Years 2021-2022
Flora Systems Limited

Programmer at Flora Systems Limited. Developed Digital banking application for Shimanto Bank and Bengal Bank also develop eKYC onboarding application.

1.5 Years 2019-2021
Flora Systems Limited

Junior Programmer at Flora Systems Limited. Developed Digital Baning application for Shimanto Bank Limited.

3 Month 2019
CRID DAM Robotics Lab

Robotics trainer and web developer at CRID DAM Robotics LAB which is a USA based Bangladeshi company (3 month).

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All Android Web Development Machine Learning


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